Schwank Burners & Ceramic Burner Tiles

Burners & ceramic tiles for hospitality, infrared heating, condensing boiler technology & process heat

Made in Germany: Schwank burners and Schwank ceramic tiles in highest quality

It all started with ceramic burner tiles and burners. In 1939, company founder Günther Schwank invented the world’s first gas operated ceramic burner tile. Until today Schwank is the quality leader in the field of burners and ceramic tiles and with its infrared heaters the world market leader. Thanks to intensive Research & Development as well as constant quality controls, we can offer you ceramic tiles and gas burners that are second to none.

In addition to their high longevity, Schwank ceramic burner tiles are characterised by their particularly high performance. The high heat radiation [up to 950 ℃] and the unique surface structure of the ceramic tiles make them and the burners suitable for almost any application – from high-power infrared heating systems, de-icing equipment, condensing boilers to overhead heat grills or infrared broilers for the perfect steak.

Schwank-Burners products and solutions

Schwank ceramic tiles and burners for infrared heating, hospitality & condensing technology

Burner Technology

Schwank gas burners for a wide variety of applications

Schwank produces and supplies gas-infrared radiant burners for heating systems and process heat, but also for use in the professional grill / broiler business.

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Ceramic Tiles

Special recipe & unique technology – Schwank ceramic tiles

Schwank is the leading manufacturer in the field of ceramic burner tiles with the aim of ensuring maximum performance and efficiency as well as clean, low-emission combustion.

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Fields of Application

Schwank burners are used in the most different areas

Schwank itself uses burners and ceramic tiles for its highly efficient infrared heating systems. Both Schwank burners and ceramic burner tiles can also be used for condensing boiler technology and process heat. Ideally suited for hospitality applications, Schwank ceramic tiles and gas burners are also frequently used in grills and chicken roast / rotisserie applications.

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