Schwank Burner Technology

Burners for grills, infrared heating & condensing boilers

Innovative technology for clean and economical applications

The name Schwank is known worldwide in the field of gas-infrared radiant burners and burner tiles for heating systems and process heat. Their own research & development, own production and the experience of using them in their own products has a long tradition at Schwank. Schwank burners have been manufactured for decades to the highest quality and always with a view to maximum performance and efficiency as well as clean and low-emission combustion.

Advantages of Schwank burner technology

Gas burners from Schwank always remain at the cutting edge of technology

Schwank burners are not only ideal for infrared radiators, but also for innovative condensing boilers. They are characterised by the following advantages:

  • high mechanical strength
  • extreme thermal shock resistance [up to 950 ℃]
  • very low thermal linear expansion
  • long service life, as no mechanical wear occurs
  • special surface structure with depth effect – thus increased performance with the same size
  • Low-NOx combustion behaviour, clean and pollutant-optimised
  • very good flame stability
  • quality “Made in Germany

Schwank products & solutions

Ceramic burners with quality “Made in Germany”

Atmospheric Burners

Burners for drying plants, process heat, infrared heating and much more

Since the required combustion air flows in through the Venturi principle, atmospheric burners are also called natural draught burners. Their high performance makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Modular Burners

The burner, which is suitable for drying, de-icing, gelling and roasting

In a modular burner, the air is added with a fan, which is why it is also called a mechanically operated forced-air burner. Forced-air burners are mainly used in industry: for example in drying and heating plants, painting or de-icing plants.

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Information about burners and ceramic tiles by Schwank

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Learn all about the benefits of the burner technology by Schwank.

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