Process Heat

Schwank ceramic tiles and burners for thermal process engineering

Schwank burners and ceramic burner tiles are used in various process heat applications, for instance, such as for de-icing of railway wagons, drying of paper, textiles and paint and for the use in shrink-wrap machines.

Due to their high mechanical strength and robustness, our burners are likewise suitable for use under the toughest conditions with temperatures far above 800°C. In combination with the high efficiency, uniform burning pattern and practically unlimited longevity, they become a central component of effective process heat.

Use of process heat

Thermal process engineering with ceramic tiles and gas burners

Process heat is used in the various applications. Here are some examples:

  • drying equipment for paper, textiles and paint (e.g. rotary drum dryer)
  • heat process for the application of foils
  • weed killing
  • equipment for deicing
  • roasting equipment for coffee and cocoa
  • gelling of powder coatings
  • heating of embossing machines for paper and plastics

Pictures of realised systems in process heat

Schwank burners & ceramic tiles in use

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