Applications for Schwank Burners & Ceramic Burner Tiles

Application Fields

Both the ceramic tiles and the burners from Schwank are used in many different areas

Due to their technical properties and advantages, Schwank burners and ceramic burner tiles are suitable for use in almost any environment and industry. Thanks to our large performance centre, we are also able to adapt the shape and properties of the ceramic tiles to the individual needs of our customers.

High-quality burners & ceramic tiles

The advantages of ceramic tiles at a glance

Both Schwank burner tiles and Schwank burners are characterised by the following features:

  • long service life
  • ideal heat distribution
  • high degree of insulation
  • high temperatures
  • outstanding efficiency
  • low thermal linear expansion
  • high thermal shock resistance
  • low NOx combustion
  • quality “Made in Germany”

Fields of application for Schwank burners and ceramic burner tiles

The typical areas of application are infrared radiators, condensing boiler, process and catering technology

Condensing Boilers

Schwank ceramic burners in modern condensing boilers

A special field of application for ceramic tiles and gas burners: thanks to a special burner frame, Schwank gas burners can be used in modern condensing boilers.

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Grills & Gastronomy

Ceramic plates for the preparation of steak and grilled chicken

Because all Schwank gas burners and ceramic tiles are manufactured in a food-safe manner, they are ideally suited for use in the catering industry. Schwank ceramic tiles are also successfully used in top heat grills. Our customers include Southbend Grills, Blazing Bull and Beefer.

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Infrared Heaters

Special ceramic tiles and gas burners for Schwank infrared radiators

The primary area of application of burner technology is in infrared heaters – more specifically in light and dark radiators. Schwank infrared heaters use the burner tiles to heat commercial and industrial buildings in a sustainable, efficient and energy-saving manner.

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Process Heat

Application of the ceramic tiles and gas burners in various devices

Thermal process technology is a broad field, and the applications for our burners are just as diverse. Schwank burners are used in process heat applications for e.g. drying of paper, textiles, paint and de-icing equipment.

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