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Burner tiles by Schwank are as efficient as they are unique

As the world’s leading manufacturer of ceramic burner tiles, we at Schwank have a wide range of solutions for almost every application. In addition to their low thermal expansion, ceramic burner tiles by Schwank are characterized by their breaking strength, their uniform annealing pattern and their enormous surface temperature. We achieve this through the combination of over 3600 holes per tile and the unique honeycomb structure of the surface.


Another feature of Schwank burner tiles and ceramic burners is their practically unlimited service life. Due to the high-quality ceramic, no wear or corrosion effects occur even with the many hot/cold cycles throughout the entire life of the burner.


The originalSchwank is our “brightest” ceramic tile. It glows up the fastest – which makes it particularly attractive for time-critical applications. In addition, the originalSchwank has a higher insulation capacity compared to the ceraSchwank.


ceraSchwank is a further development of the original Schwank. It is even more robust, has a lower thermal expansion and, above all, can be operated by almost 150°C more.

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