Atmospheric Burners

The most efficient burner by Schwank

Natural draught burners work without mechanics and are suitable for various applications

Atmospheric burners are also called natural draught burners. The function of the ceramic burners is as follows: The combustion air required for combustion flows independently into the combustion chamber. A blower is not necessary for this. This effect – called the Venturi principle – is caused by the gas flowing into the burner. The gas then flows through the numerous openings in the ceramic tile, is burnt on its surface and thus creates a negative pressure even on the underside of the tile, which in turn stimulates the air flow.

Application fields of atmospheric burners

Atmospheric gas burners are not only used in industry

Natural draught burners can be used in the following areas:

  • building heat: radiant heating
  • outside heating: terrace radiators
  • process heat: drying plants
  • road construction
  • equipment for weed killing
  • gastronomy: grill equipment

Atmospheric Burners

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