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The most sold ceramic tile for top heat grills

Ceramic burner tiles by Schwank have proven their worth in the catering industry: For over 40 years we have been supplying well-known professional grill manufacturers, such as Southbend Grills. They are used in so-called overhead grills, i.e. the burner is positioned above the food to be grilled.

The Americans also call this category of grill “broiler”. Broilers with our ceramic burners are used in the world’s best steakhouses, such as Morton’s, the Cut, Palm and many, many more… In the meantime this category has also established itself for the explosively growing home area. Schwank burners differ significantly from Chinese burners, which are installed in most grills.

For steak grills & gastronomy technology

Advantages of Schwank ceramic burners

In the application field of grills and gastronomy technology, Schwank burners are characterised by the following:

  • high surface temperatures of 800°-900° C
  • a bright and very even focal image
  • fast reaction of the plates after ignition
  • all Schwank ceramic tiles are food safe – there is no danger of toxic substances

We joke that our ceramic burner plates could also be eaten because they contain only natural ingredients. They would certainly be a bit dry, but completely harmless. Therefore, make sure to look for the food safety seal.

Possible applications in the catering trade

Ceramic tiles and gas burners from Schwank ensure crispy roast chickens, perfect steaks and evenly-roasted meat in kebabs

Schwank ceramic tiles and burners are particularly suitable for gastronomic and food applications:

  • grills in roast chicken carts
  • the top heat grill from our colleagues from Beefer
  • kebab skewer or gyros grills
  • traditional gas barbecues
  • grills for the preparation of special bakery products

Pictures of realised systems in grills & gastronomy

Schwank burners & ceramic tiles in use

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