Infrared Heaters

Ceramic tiles and burner technology for luminous heaters

The origin of ceramic burner tiles comes from the heating of industrial buildings and outdoor facilities. Since their invention, several million ceramic burner tiles have been in use. Our largest customer is ourselves as the market leader for luminous heaters.

However, we also supply many other customers worldwide who are convinced of the quality and production precision of our ceramic burner tiles. On request, the tiles can also be provided with logo variants of our customers to create a clear recognition image.

Applications for luminous heaters

Schwank’s high-efficiency luminous heaters for industrial buildings

Luminous heaters by Schwank are used in:

  • production facilities from 4 m suspension height
  • industry and logistics
  • terrace heating e.g. in the hospitality industry
  • sports and tennis halls
  • football stadiums

Pictures of realised infrared heaters

Schwank burners & ceramic tiles in use

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