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Ceramic tiles by Schwank for different application fields

Invented by the Schwank company founder over 85 years ago and still unique today

The world’s first gas-powered ceramic burner tile was developed and patented by Günther Schwank, the founder of the Schwank Group, in 1939. Since then Schwank has become the leading manufacturer in the field of ceramic burner tiles for commercial heating. Our goal: maximum performance and efficiency of the tile as well as a clean and low-emission combustion.

Schwank burner tiles are known worldwide. The high quality [“Made in Germany”], precision, longevity as well as the economical and extremely clean burning behaviour characterise the ceramic tiles. Our ceramic tiles are continuously tested and further developed in Schwank’s own ceramic laboratory and development department in order to achieve even better commercial heating properties. Similar to Coca-Cola, the recipe for the ceramic composition is still top secret today. Thanks to an ingenious process, even the mixing ratios of the ingredients are not completely known even to Schwank employees.

Ceramic tiles, in common with all our core products, are engineered and manufactured in Germany. We can therefore guarantee that they will exhibit the highest levels of quality, longevity and consistent efficiency for industrial and commercial heating. Thus, we can continue to guarantee that we stand out from our competitors with quality, precision and performance.

Advantages of Schwank’s burner tiles

Schwank’s ceramic tiles are produced according to a secret recipe

Schwank’s ceramic tiles are produced according to a secret recipe. The Schwank burner tiles for commercial heating are able to provide you with a quality service and are characterised by the following advantages:

  • high mechanical strength [up to 24 kg]
  • extreme temperature and thermal shock resistance
  • very low thermal linear expansion
  • high insulating effect due to internal porosity
  • no mechanical wear and best ceramic microstructures – due to quality-tested materials and
  • controlled manufacturing processes
  • special surface structures and perforations with depth effects
  • environmental compatibility & food safety

Application fields of ceramic tiles

Infrared heaters, condensing boilers, grills, weed killing and many more

The special ceramic tiles by Schwank are used in a wide variety of applications. This means that they are not only used in industrial equipment and installations, but also in everyday appliances and in the catering trade. This includes the following applications:

  • decentralised heating systems [luminous heaters]
  • condensing boiler technology
  • top heat grills for the professional gastronomer and home use
  • professional grills for e.g. kebab skewers, gyros or rotisseries [roast chicken]
  • process heat applications for e.g. drying of paper, textiles and paint as well as de-icing systems
  • drying and heating systems
  • hot plates, ceramic plates and gas cookers
  • equipment for weed killing

Ceramic tiles by Schwank

The different products in the field of ceramic tiles


Ceramic tiles with different compositions and temperature resistances

Depending on the customer’s needs, the composition of the tiles, temperature resistance and surface finish are individually adapted to the mechanical and thermal requirements.

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