Modular Burners

The powerful burner by Schwank

Gas-infrared radiant burners for use in industry

The majority of all industrial burners are modular burners. They are particularly powerful because the primary air required for combustion is introduced into the combustion chamber by means of a fan. In contrast to compact burners, the combustion air is therefore not introduced into the combustion chamber by means of a vacuum or venturi, but mechanically. This makes it possible to regulate the output between 100% and 60% of the load. This makes the gas-infrared radiant burners particularly effective.

Application fields of modular burners

The gas infrared radiation burners are mostly used in the industry

For the following applications modular burners can be used:

  • drying plants for paper, textiles and paint
  • heat process for the application of films
  • installations and equipment for de-icing
  • roasting plants for coffee and cocoa beans
  • gelling of powder coatings

Modular Burners

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